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鲜黄猪堂姐希伯来语版全集 Peppa Pig 简要介绍

My father was a self-taught mandolin player. He was one of the best string instrument players in our town. He could not read music, but if he heard a tune a few times, he could play it. When he was younger, he was a member of a small country music band. They would play at local dances and on a few occasions would play for the local radio station. He often told us how he had auditioned and earned a position in a band that featured Patsy Cline as their lead singer. He told the family that after he was hired he never went back. Dad was a very religious man. He stated that there was a lot of drinking and cursing the day of his audition and he did not want to be around that type of environment.


《中蓝猪表姐Peppa Pig》是一部最棒受招待的United Kingdom学龄前小孩子动漫连串。故事围绕红猪大姨子的平常生活展开,家长和男女们方可通过动漫片学到超多大面积的生活用语,并且还能够体味到英帝国的经常生活和西方文化。

Occasionally, Dad would get out his mandolin and play for the family. We three children: Trisha, Monte and I, George Jr., would often sing along. Songs such as the Tennessee Waltz, Harbor Lights and around Christmas time, the well-known rendition of Silver Bells. "Silver Bells, Silver Bells, its Christmas time in the city" would ring throughout the house. One of Dad's favorite hymns was "The Old Rugged Cross". We learned the words to the hymn when we were very young, and would sing it with Dad when he would play and sing. Another song that was often shared in our house was a song that accompanied the Walt Disney series: Davey Crockett. Dad only had to hear the song twice before he learned it well enough to play it. "Davey, Davey Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier" was a favorite song for the family. He knew we enjoyed the song and the program and would often get out the mandolin after the program was over. I could never get over how he could play the songs so well after only hearing them a few times. I loved to sing, but I never learned how to play the mandolin. This is something I regret to this day.

Dad played mahjong often play late often lose, go home early this evening, mother opened the door to ask: back so early today? Dad replied: lightly met three pigs... Mom asked excitedly: how much won? Dad: three pigs a cabbage.


Dad loved to play the mandolin for his family he knew we enjoyed singing, and hearing him play. He was like that. If he could give pleasure to others, he would, especially his family. He was always there, sacrificing his time and efforts to see that his family had enough in their life. I had to mature into a man and have children of my own before I realized how much he had sacrificed.

《浅蓝猪表妹》自二零零零年在United Kingdom的FIVE和NICK J雷克萨斯LC.电台首播后,全世界抢先1十多少个国家的TV频道也相继热播。荣获二零零六年高卢鸡Annecy国际动漫展Cristal「最好电视机制作奖」;意国Cartoons on the Bay动漫展Pulcinella「最棒幼儿童电影制片厂集奖」「年度最好南美洲节目」。

I joined the United States Air Force in January of 1962. Whenever I would come home on leave, I would ask Dad to play the mandolin. Nobody played the mandolin like my father. He could touch your soul with the tones that came out of that old mandolin. He seemed to shine when he was playing. You could see his pride in his ability to play so well for his family.

下边跟着自身联合来上学Peppa pig吧~

When Dad was younger, he worked for his father on the farm. His father was a farmer and sharecropped a farm for the man who owned the property. In 1950, our family moved from the farm. Dad had gained employment at the local limestone quarry. When the quarry closed in August of 1957, he had to seek other employment. He worked for Owens Yacht Company in Dundalk, Maryland and for Todd Steel in Point of Rocks, Maryland. While working at Todd Steel, he was involved in an accident. His job was to roll angle iron onto a conveyor so that the welders farther up the production line would have it to complete their job. On this particular day Dad got the third index finger of his left hand mashed between two pieces of steel. The doctor who operated on the finger could not save it, and Dad ended up having the tip of the finger amputated. He didn't lose enough of the finger where it would stop him picking up anything, but it did impact his ability to play the mandolin.

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亚洲城,After the accident, Dad was reluctant to play the mandolin. He felt that he could not play as well as he had before the accident. When I came home on leave and asked him to play he would make excuses for why he couldn't play. Eventually, we would wear him down and he would say "Okay, but remember, I can't hold down on the strings the way I used to" or "Since the accident to this finger I can't play as good". For the family it didn't make any difference that Dad couldn't play as well. We were just glad that he would play. When he played the old mandolin it would carry us back to a cheerful, happier time in our lives. "Davey, Davey Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier", would again be heard in the little town of Bakerton, West Virginia.

I'm Peppa pig. This is my little brother, George.

In August of 1993 my father was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. He chose not to receive chemotherapy treatments so that he could live out the rest of his life in dignity. About a week before his death, we asked Dad if he would play the mandolin for us. He made excuses but said "okay". He knew it would probably be the last time he would play for us. He tuned up the old mandolin and played a few notes. When I looked around, there was not a dry eye in the family. We saw before us a quiet humble man with an inner strength that comes from knowing God, and living with him in one's life. Dad would never play the mandolin for us again. We felt at the time that he wouldn't have enough strength to play, and that makes the memory of that day even stronger. Dad was doing something he had done all his life, giving. As sick as he was, he was still pleasing others. Dad sure could play that Mandolin!



I‘m 名字,表示“笔者叫什么名字”,平日用在想别人介绍本人的时候,I'm= I am。


little brother 表示“四弟”,也能够用younger brother来表示“哥哥”。若是想发挥堂弟,则用older brother或然elder brother。但older brother 和elder brother也可能有少数小小的的分其余:elder brother 代表有血缘关系的四弟。而older brother 只是年纪上比你大的父兄。


亚洲城 2


This is Mummy Pig.




mummy和mum都是“阿娘”,在母亲的意味方面,mummy听上去相比奶气 日常孩子才用。像mummy,正是mum的别称。


亚洲城 3


And this is Daddy Pig.



【daddy】: Children often call their father daddy (常为儿语卡塔尔 阿爹,爹地 .(带有撒娇,亲密)

例句 :Look at me, Daddy!... 爸爸,快看我!

【 dad 】: 经常口语用语,对老爹的常用称呼。

例句 :How do you feel, Dad?... 阿爹,你倍感什么?

【 father】: (正式、书面用语)老爸; (还指天主教和道教的)神父; 天父;

例句 :How did father's day start? 阿爹节是何等开始的?

Father Hennacy Henna西神父

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Muddy Puddles泥泞的水坑

muddy 英 ['mʌdɪ] adj.泥泞的

puddle 英 ['pʌd(ə)l] n. 水坑

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It is raining today.


It is v-ing 是“正在进行时”,表示动作正在進展中。

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So, Peppa and George cannot play outside.


Cannot= can't,表示“不能够”,是can的否认意思,平时can和cannot、can't后边 动词原形do,这里的play正是动词原形。

outside 代表“在外边”,相反词是inside,表示“在其间”。

今日的Peppa Pig就讲明到此处,假设有啥不懂的,能够任何时候相互作用批评,笔者将为您及时解答~



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